What is included in the price of a tour?

In the price of a complete trip via aeroplane is included: a two-way flight ticket with all fees, accommodation for a minimum of 1 night in a 3* hotel (more nights or better hotel standard on demand), basic category ticket to the game (anywhere at the stadium in terms of availability, mostly behind the nets).

What is included in the price of a ticket?

This price includes a ticket in the basic category to given game, anywhere at the stadium in terms of availability, usually behind the nets. Tickets in higher categories or to chosen areas of the stadium are available on demand for an additional charge shown in the offer that you will receive per e-mail after choosing a particular game. The additional fee depends on which game you choose and its importance in the championship or general demand.

What kind of ticket is included in the price of a tour?

The price of a tour always includes a ticket in the basic category. Tickets in higher categories or to chosen areas of the stadium are available on demand for an additional charge shown in the offer that you will receive per e-mail after choosing a particular game. The additional fee depends on which game you choose and its importance in the championship or general demand. Ticket categories are mentioned on our webpage with each tour.

Why is the price of a tour on the webpage changing?

It’s mainly because of flight ticket prices, which change within days or even hours. The prices rise with the approach of a game, so it’s best to decide as soon as possible.

Why is the price on the webpage different from the one you sent me per e-mail?

Because the prices on the webpage are set “from”. We try to make them as precise as possible but they depend on a number of criteria, like the departure/arrival place, flight ticket prices, accommodation, game ticket category and other. These criteria are set by you, our client, and we consider each requirement individually to suit you. All this is influencing the final price of your tour.

When does the webpage price expire?

It’s not possible to set an exact deadline. The prices change depending on flight tickets, accommodation, game tickets and additional requirements of each client.

When should I book a tour?

In case of sporting events, the popular “last minute” approach isn’t very successful. Actually it’s the opposite that’s the most profitable. The sooner you book, the better the price. The most attractive ticket and tour prices are the “first moment” ones, ideally several months before the game. Prestigious and famous sporting events are often sold-out long before their date. It’s very difficult and expensive to satisfy a client’s demands just a few days before a game, championship or tournament.

How can I book a tour/ticket?

The easiest way is to fill out the non-binding reservation form on our webpage shown with each tour, or you can contact us at info@footballtour.org and we’ll get back to you with an offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or inquiries.

What information do I have to fill out in the non-binding reservation form?

It’s best to write all the information that you want to know and everything you would like your trip to include, so we can prepare an offer tailored just for you. Most importantly, we need to know your place of departure, your destination, the date of departure/arrival, number of persons, number of nights, the category of the hotel and game ticket that you would like to request and any other special demands that you have.

What happens after I fill out the non-binding reservation form?

Within 24 hours or sooner, one of our employees will contact you per e-mail or phone. If you filled out all the information needed for us to prepare an offer for you, we will send it to you right away.

Is the price of the tour in the prepared offer final?

Yes, the price of the tour in the offer that was sent to you per e-mail is final and with no other hidden fees.

How long does it take for the price in the offer to expire?

We guarantee the price given in the offer only for the day it was sent to you. The prices of flight tickets, hotels and game tickets can change in a matter of hours, that’s why we have to check and adjust the price every day.

What do I need to do if I am seriously interested in a binding contract after the offer was sent to me?

In case of serious interest, we need you to send us your billing information. In case of a natural person, the billing information is the name and address. In case of legal entities, it’s the company’s billing information. When we receive these information, we issue an invoice and send it to you per e-mail right away.

When do I have to pay the invoice?

Ideally, you should pay the invoice within the day that you received it. If you don’t pay it until the next day, the prices could change and a new invoice would have to be issued.

How can I pay the invoice?

After receiving the invoice, you can pay using internet banking.


When and how do I receive further instructions for the trip?

Detailed instructions for the tour will be sent out via e-mail about 7-10 days before the takeoff. You can, of course, contact us anytime via e-mail or phone about any inquiries or questions that you have about the trip.

When and how do I receive the flight tickets and other needed documents for the trip?

The flight tickets will be sent out electronically via e-mail or personally at the airport, depending on the chosen tour destination and flight company. Any other documents (hotel voucher, insurance,…) will also be sent out via e-mail.

When and where do I receive the tickets for the game?

That always depends on the given game/destination. Usually, the tickets are delivered by one of our colleagues personally in the given city, or the tickets will be waiting for you in an envelope with your name on it at the reception of your hotel. You will be expected to prove your identity before they are given to you. It is a verified and safe system. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to acquire the tickets sooner and send them to your home, because the clubs provide them just a few days before the game.

What papers do I need to travel?

Our tours are usually in countries that are part of the European Union (Spain, Germany, Italy, France,..), so it is sufficient to take your personal ID with you. It’s not necessary to have a passport in those cases. It is however necessary to have a passport in case of travelling to a country not member of the EU.

I will be travelling alone, do you also provide single room accommodation?

The price in the offer is always calculated for a twin/double room. In case you require a single room, the hotels usually charge an additional fee. If you don’t mind sharing a room with another member of the tour group, that’s also a possibility. The same goes for a group with an odd number of people. However, we do not take responsibility for the behaviour or sanitary habits of given person.

Where in the given city is the hotel located?

We work with various hotels in various cities. Preferentially we offer an accommodation in a 3* hotel with good access to city centre and to the stadium, which is in close distance to the metro station or bus. If you have something other in mind, we will be glad to provide you with an accommodation tailored for you.

What items can/can't I take to the stadium?

We advise you to take with you to the game only the essentials like your wallet, personal ID and the ticket for the game. It is not forbidden to take a camera with you if it’s regular-sized, but not a big one with big lenses, that is usually used by the press. At the entrance, each person is required to go through a body search and you can be demanded to also show the inside of your bag.

When should I go to the stadium?

We advise you to arrive at the stadium at least half an hour before the start of the game. The gates open usually about two hours before the game. It’s up to you to decide when do you want to be there. The local fans usually arrive just a few minutes before the kick-off, so if you go sooner, you won’t be stuck in a queue.

How do I get to the stadium?

The easiest and best way is usually via metro. To most of the stadiums that are visited by our clients, is the metro access the best one. You can get there comfortably from any part of the city. But, it’s also important to expect a larger amount of people in the trains before the game, so the road can take a little longer.

Where will I sit at the stadium?

Every ticket is labelled with a sector number, a row and a seat. There are also staff members in each sector everywhere at the stadium that will gladly help you find your seat.

I am going to the game with a friend/group of friends, will we sit together?

To every game, we guarantee sitting in pairs. In case of a larger group, we always try to get you tickets near each other, but we can’t always guarantee it. If you require more than two tickets right next to each other, it can be arranged for an additional fee.

Is a stadium tour possible?

Stadium tours are possible on days when no matches are played. Tickets for the tour can be provided to you before or you can buy them yourself when you arrive at the stadium.

What is the tour program?

The tour program is usually individual. The main attraction is of course the game. Other than that, you can choose to do/see whatever you like and whatever interests you. Maybe a tour of the city, cultural events, galleries, tasting local specialties, or maybe going to see another game of another sport.

I want to go see another sporting event/another match, which is not in your offer. Can you prepare it for me?

A tour to any sporting or other event anywhere in the world can be arranged for you just the way you imagine it.

I want to give someone a tour/ tickets as a gift. Is it possible to get a gift certificate?

Each and every tour or ticket from our offer can be gifted in the form of a gift certificate for any occasion – birthday, Valentine’s day, graduation, business… The chance to see your favourite team live and experience the unique football atmosphere at a sold-out stadium is the dream of every true fan. Gift certificates can be made however you want them. If you don’t want to buy a concrete tour, you can get just a voucher for any price. The certificate is made from quality paper with your personal inscription.

Do you have a catalogue/brochure with tour offers that I could get?

Sure, a catalogue with tour offers can be sent to you physically via post or if you’re by any chance close to our headquarters feel free to get it personally. The complete offer is however displayed on the web and always up-to-date.