When to Barcelona, then with an official club partner

The travel agency Footballtour.org has been the official partner of one of the most famous football clubs in the world – FC Barcelona – since July 2014. With each ticket or tour offer for a Catalan match, you will find a link to the advantages of the service provided by the official partner.


FC Barcelona is a symbol of Catalonia, the motto “More than a club” is concise and well known all around the world. The famous club is one of the richest and most successful clubs in football history, it has millions of fans on every continent and is currently also one of the most valuable sports brands.

Thanks to the exclusive partnership, the clients of our travel agency have the opportunity to profit from various offers that are available to them. We guarantee tickets for the best prices to FCB matches in the Spanish league Primera División, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey cup. A direct cooperation between our employees and the club employees is a 100% assurance of reliance in terms of payment and delivery of the tickets.

We also offer VIP tickets, which give you the opportunity to enjoy the match comfortably, taste the local specialities and chat about the sports world with fans from around the world or with club legends. You get to look at amazing football moments from a yet different point of view. VIP tickets of various categories have many advantages: a separate entrance to the stadium, refreshments in modern VIP Lounge saloons, the match program, the official bulletin and even the possibility to place the logo of your firm/company on the seats, tickets or walls of the VIP Lounge.



Traditionally, the biggest attraction are the matches against Real Madrid. The first El Clásico is on program in December (3.-4.12.) with Camp Nou as the main stage. The retaliation will be held in Madrid in April (22.-23.4.). Complete tours to these widely watched matches are in our offer from 990€. The price of each tour includes accommodation in a 4*hotel, tickets for the game, assistive services and as always – an unrepeatable experience.

Similarly appealing are also the matches of the Catalan giant in the Champions League, where Barca will try to get back on the European throne. In autumn, Celtic Glasgow, Manchester City (19.10) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (6.12.) will also pay a visit to Camp Nou.

In the La Liga, it’s also worthwhile to visit the derby with Espanyol (16.-19.12.), the match against Athletic Bilbao (3.-6.2) or against Valencia (17.-20.3) or even the dominatrix in the European League – FC Sevilla (4.-6.4.)

Barcelona vstupenky

Enjoy a great match with an unforgettable atmosphere at one of the biggest stadiums in the world – Camp Nou, get a tour of the whole church, shop for souvenirs in the official fanshop, visit the beautiful city with its interesting alleys, have a nice dinner in a typical restaurant, go see a flamenco show and profit from the tips of our employee stationed in Barcelona and have a great trip with our travel agency Footballtour.org.


We will provide you with a perfect family or company trip, an exciting weekend getaway or a holiday in the beautiful Barcelona. The football season in Spain and one of the most quality league competitions has already started. You have the opportunity to watch the performance of stars like Messi, Neymar or Suárez for yourself.


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